Callum’s Compass

Callum's Compass CoverCallum’s Compass is a powerful trip from the past to the present. Wounds from her history provide the catalyst for Kat to move beyond the familiar in an effort to solve an unknown. Sara Foust writes a suspenseful and intriguing tale of adventure. She weaves the importance of forgiveness and healing without preaching full on. This debut novel proves to be a fabulous beginning. I can’t wait for book two in the series!

Mending Broken Branches

mending broken brances

ISBN-13: 9780825444265 Publisher: Kregal

Mending Broken Branches is a powerful bible study and devotional wrapped in one. Because of the flexibility of the lessons it can be self-paced or done in a group setting. I was excited to work through the book and have found it to be a worthwhile study that offers counseling, wisdom and biblical application.

The book addresses the heavy topic of family hurts, but it doesn’t do the blame game. Rather it dissects issues into individual passages of time, Past, Present and Future and further breaks those down into chapters addressing specific topics.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It is an exceptional tool in healing the wounds of family dysfunction.

Devotions for the Hungry Heart


ISBN-13: 9781683224327 Vendor: Shiloh Run Press

I love starting a new devotional and I’ve truly enjoyed Devotions for the Hungry Heart. The book is broken down into twenty weeks with six days of devotions in each week and because they aren’t dated, it can be started at any time. It would make a great gift too.

Each day offers a scripture and brief story. But what makes this book extra special is the added recipes. Shellie Rushing Tomlinson offers fun and interesting comments with scripture. Devotions for the Hungry Heart is a delightful read and a great investment.