Vanishing Point

vanishing point

ISBN-13: 9780800728489 Publisher: Revell

Vanishing Point is book four in the Nikki Boyd Files series. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and Vanishing Point yanked me into the story right from the first page.

Six missing girls over the course of a decade have left Jordan Lambert and Garrett Addison struggling to find the killer. More than that, they’ve also had to face their own inadequacies in solving the case.

I think one of the best parts of the book was simply that it took time. Years for the relationship to develop between Jordan and Garrett. It wasn’t rushed, and it was very realistic though at times, I hoped it would happen faster.

The who-done-it was well veiled in this story and had me flipping pages long into the night. I would absolutely recommend any of Lisa Harris’ books and Vanishing Point is a great start.

You’ll Think of Me

youll think of me

ISBN-13: 9780718085940S Publisher: Thomas Nelson

You’ll Think of Me is a sweet romance about a single mom, Brooklyn Myers and her ex-husband’s best friend, Derek Johnson. They are tossed together by their mutual connection and find themselves battling for the same land. At first, each has decided to obtain the land for themselves, but their motivations change because of someone far more important, Brooklyn’s daughter, Alycia. The couple finds themselves in a place where sacrifice can create something much deeper than a winner. You’ll Think of Me is a lovely story about sacrifices, forgiveness, and falling in love when it’s least expected. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to book two.

The Loyal Heart

The Loyal Hearth

ISBN-13: 9780310345428 Publisher: Zondervan/Thomas Nelson

The Loyal Heart is book one in the Lone Star Hero’s Love Story Series. It is a powerfully written story of love that extends beyond distance and time. Phillip Markham’s concern for his wife, Miranda and the loyalty of friendship between Phillip and Robert Truax are portrayed in a way that draws the reader into the world. Shelley Shepard Gray always does a great job of incorporating suspense into her stories and The Loyal Heart definitely had intrigue. The Calvary men exemplify loyalty even when it means public humiliation. Ms. Gray does a great job of transporting us back in time and making her characters relatable as well as engaging. I highly recommend The Loyal Heart and cannot wait to read the second book, An Uncommon Protector.