Colors of Christmas


ISBN-13: 9781683223351 Publisher: Vendor: Barbour Shiloh Run Press

Christmas in Gold

Astrid is a feisty gal with a heavy history, and her faith is substantial. I loved Astrid because she was unwilling to give in to her age, her condition or her past. She willingly shares the stories of her own life to help another a young woman who needs hope again.

Carly is a tough woman fighting the worst kind of enemy. She’s spent her life running and she’s tired. Astrid’s hope helps fuel Carly’s own desire to fight. A beautiful story of hope and strength.

Christmas in Blue

Angela’s having the toughest year since her best friend’s passing and now the town thinks she’s the one to run their Christmas celebration. Oh, how I felt for poor Angela. Hope was so beautifully portrayed in this story and it was even comical at times. I especially loved the dog, Blitzen!

Both Christmas stories were wonderfully done and put me in the Christmas mood. Easy reading, refreshing and light, I found Colors of Christmas to be a wonderful addition to my Christmas library collection.

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